Hama HiFi Sound DM-40 Dynamic Microphone for Karaoke Singer, DJ, Speaker, Artist

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The Hama Dynamic Microphone DM-40 brings good quality performance at a budget price. Perfect for a budding DJ or recording artist, this microphone comes equipped with a 6.3mm mono jack plug for easy connection to audio or recording equipment and a generous 3m connection cable to allow you extensive freedom of movement to walk/dance around during your performance.

With a fantastic frequency range of 100Hz – 10kHz, impedance of 600 Ohm and sensitivity of -75dB the microphone will record your voice in outstanding audio quality so that every word is heard and every note is as crisp and clear as the moment that you sung or played it. No longer do you or your listeners have to suffer from poor quality tinny and squeaky microphones that burst your eardrums with shrill noises after every movement.

At such fantastic value, the Hama Dynamic Mic provides a low cost solution for those on a budget, but with no loss in performance quality. It’s time to stop spending large sums of money on top end mics and invest in a Hama mic instead which are long-lasting, reliable, efficient and perfect for every situation where voice amplification is a necessity!

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