Hama DVB-T/DVB-T2 TV and Digital Radio Active Rod Antenna

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  • Omnidirectional Antenna with amplifier for digital TV and radio reception
  • Active with max. 18 dB 
  • Frequency range: B III 174 – 230 MHz) and B IV (470 – 862 MHz)
  • Remote supply (5 V) from DVB-T receiver and antenna cable
  • Antenna Cable Length: 1 m

For aerial is for digital TV reception (DVB-T/DVB-T2) and radio reception. The aerial is an omnidirectional antenna with amplifier, the amplifier is powered (5V) by the DVB-T Receiver.

The aerial’s frequency range is B III (174 – 230 MHz) and B IV (470 – 862 MHz).
Remote power feeding (5 V) from the DVB-T receiver via the antenna cable.

Also included there is a F-plug – coaxial socket adapter.

To be able to use the antenna’s DVB-T2 signal, your TV or radio must have a DVB-T2 tuner. If it does not, you will also require a DVB-T2 receiver or DVB-T2 box.

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