Hama Delta Pro 180 Photo/Video Camera Tripod with 2D Tilt Head and Carry Bag

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Hama Delta Pro 180 Camera Tripod with 2D Tilt Head.

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This is a Hama Delta Pro 180 Camera Tripod with 2D Tilt Head.

Panorama pictures, macro-photography, long exposure times. If you want to maximise sharpness and eliminate camera shaking this tripod is the perfect choice for you. It is distinguished by all-weather reliability and the ultimate accessory on uneven ground. A must for any keen photographer.

When capturing any shot, especially when outdoors or on bumpy ground, it can be difficult to hold your camera steady using just your bare hands. Stability is essential to photography, with any jerkiness leading to a notable decline in the quality of captured images and videos. this tripod will create a reliable, sturdy base for both photo and video cameras. The manoeuvrable 2D tilt head allows optimal alignment for landscape shots while an integrated spirit level, spirit vial and compass allow the achievement of even positioning and orientation of the camera.

For more professional photographers with several cameras or for tripods that are intended for more than one user with different cameras, the Delta Pro 180 possesses an easy-to-use cork quick release plate with click function. This allows a speedy change over of cameras in just one simple click where you are capturing images in quick succession or are time limited as well as improving the security and stability of the connection between camera and tripod.

With expandable 3-section tripod legs, and quick-action leg locks the tripod height can be adapted from 59.5-180cm when lining up a shot, opening up a range of perspectives that would be difficult to achieve if the camera was handheld. A retractable, rotating central column permits a unique inverted mounting position for the camera close to the ground for high quality macro-photography with a hook on the base (when positioned the correct way up) for weighing the tripod down in strong winds and on rough terrain. Non-slip spiked feet permit a particularly firm grip on soft or slippery surfaces for all-weather reliability.

  • Camera tripod for non-jerky images and a steady hold on uneven surfaces, suitable for photo and video cameras
  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminum tripod suitable for photo/video cameras
  • Creates a steady hold on uneven surfaces with 3-section expandable tripod legs, quick action leg locks and spiked feet for a firm grip
  • Integrated spirit level, spirit vial and compass for perfect orientation
  • 2D tilt head allows optimal alignment of landscape shots
  • Cork quick release plate with “click” function for fast and easy change of the camera
  • Quick release system with extra large camera support and video pin
  • Retractable central column with hook for weighing the tripod down in strong winds and on rough terrain
  • Tripod legs expandable in increments (3 sections)
  • With the large, functional quick-action leg locks the tripod legs can easily and quickly be fixed at the required height or position
  • With Allen key for adjusting the quick-action leg locks
  • Comes with tripod carry bag

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