Hama 9-in-1 USB-C Docking Station for 4 x USB-A, USB-C, HDMI™, LAN, SD, microSD

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This is the Hama 9-in-1 USB-C Docking Station

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This is the Hama 9-in-1 USB-C Docking Station.

For your printer, monitor, Internet, card reader, mouse and keyboard. The wide range of connection options with the hub able you to benefit from all the advantages of USB-C. It doesn’t matter which connection you use on the USB-C docking station: top data transfer speeds are always available to you. The lightweight hub with the removable, rubberised feet is also ideal for taking on business trips.  You can rotate the hub by 180° on the short edge; all connections face the rear again – only mirror-inverted.

The 9 in 1 USB-C Docking Station offers all of these connection options.

Many notebooks and Mac-books have only a single USB-C interface. However, it is usually used for the notebook’s power supply, and you cannot benefit from the advantages of USB-C for other connected devices. The USB-C docking station provides alternatives. You connect the docking station to the notebook, and the power supply unit to the docking station. The power supply unit then supplies the notebook with power via USB-C, and you can use all of the hub’s other connections with USB-C speed.
Power Delivery technology enables charging between the power supply unit, docking station and notebook of 5–20 volts and up to 5 amperes. This high power consumption of up to 100 watts is possible, as the devices communicate with each other. As a result, the charging process adjusts to suit the device being charged, and is very fast, optimised and efficient.
If you do not need the USB-C socket for power supply, you can of course use it to connect all your new USB-C devices (such as smart phone, tablet, USB stick) in order to transfer data.

PCs, notebooks, tablets or Mac-books that are already equipped with USB-C can be connected via the USB-C docking station to your projector, monitor or television with an HDMI™ connection. The only prerequisite is that your device supports audio and video transmission via USB Type-C. You can continue your work and hold your presentations as usual without the need for further adapters or new purchases, and without having to change cables. Without hassle, but with high-resolution 4K Ultra-HD quality.

The USB-C multi-port adapter additionally offers a card reader function for SD and microSD cards. A big advantage is that you no longer need an extra card reader, but can use the 9-in-1 hub for everything. This means a larger work area on your desk and more space in your drawers.

PCs, notebooks, tablets or Mac-books with a USB-C socket can be connected via the LAN connection of the docking station to the router or to the Gigabit network with a speed of 1000 Mbit/s. Therefore, you will not be denied any access in the company because you have switched to USB-C.

Mouse, keyboard and USB sticks – these devices fit into the conventional USB-A 3.1 sockets on the 9-in-1 docking station. With the USB-A connections, you do not have to forego speed – enjoy reliable Super Speed with a transfer rate of 5 Gbit/s.

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