Hama 3 in 1 LCD Safe Cleaning Set for PC and TV LCD Screens 3in1

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Super safe cleaner for camera, phone, table, PC and TV LCD screens from Hama.

The pack consists of cleaning fluid and micro fibre pad ensuring you get the best possible clean and a 4 inch LCD protection foil for a LCD screen, to protect from dust and scratches and finger marks.

As the name suggests the cleaning pack is very safe for the screens, the cleaning fluid is a very effective but non abrasive solution. No harsh chemicals means it is safe for both humans and screens. The fluid is so good that only a very small amount is needed for cleaning even a quite dirty screen.


  • 1 x cleaning fluid 10 ml
  • 1 x micro-fibre cleaning pad (100% polyester)
  • 1 x LCD protection foil 4 inch

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