Hama 20m RF Aerial Antenna Cable, Ferrite Core, 90 dB, Coax Plug – Coax Socket

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This Hama 20m TV Coax RF Cable is double shielded for a first-class audio and visual connection. If you want to enjoy clear picture and perfect sound without interference on your TV, an antenna cable with shielding must be used to protect the inner conductor against electromagnetic interference. This aerial  antenna cable from Hama is not only shielded, it is even double shielded: with dense Cu braid and aluminium foil. It ensures a good reduction of interference and helps you to enjoy the perfect television experience – without flickering, without crackling, without picture dropouts.

  • 20m length TV Aerial Coax Cable
  • Ferrite core for decimating remaining interference and for good signal transmission
  • Double shielding for good reduction of electromagnetic interference
  • With filter, thus ideal for 100 Hz devices, flat screens and highly sensitive tuners

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