Hama 1.5m In-Car Extension Cable for Car 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket

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Hama 1.5m In-Car Extension Cable for car 12V Cigarette Lighter Sockets.

It’s not always just the driver and front seat passenger who want access to the car power socket or cigarette lighter socket, back seat passengers may also require access in order to charge and power electrical devices such as notebooks, portable games consoles, MP3 players and phones. This is generally quite difficult if not impossible to do safely and comfortably unless the device comes with a longer than average charging cable as it often will not extend past the front seats.

This Hama DC Cigarette Lighter Socket 1.5m Extension Cable will make sure that there will be more flexibility with your in-car power. The 1.5m lead, enough to reach into the back of the car. Great if, for example, you have children in the back as it can power their games consoles or a portable media player to keep them entertained while they sit safely in their seats or if someone in the back wants to make a phone call while their phone is still charging. Also great in summer for keeping your cool box at the right temperature.

Fitting both car cigarette lighters and standard car power sockets of approximately 21mm diameter it couldn’t be easier to use, simply plug the adapter into the car’s socket and then plug in your chosen device into the other end.

  • Extends the cable of an electrical device in a vehicle
  • Suitable for standard sockets (ø 21 mm) as well as for cigarette lighter sockets
  • 8A glass fuse integrated in the plug
  • Extra strong and flexible cable

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