Hama 0015926 Power Spring 5 iPhone 5 Hard Case with Built In Battery

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Hama Power Spring 5 iPhone 5 hard case, with 2200mAh battery.

Rather than have to carry around a power bank for your mobile it would be great if the power bank could be built into the phone’s case? Hama have come up with something that does exactly this for the iPhone 5 range.

The hard protective case comes with a 2200mAh back up battery built into it.

The case has a border width of only 15.2mm, so it does not add too much to the phone size and at 77g it hardly adds anything to the weight either. The Hama Power Spring 5 iPhone Case and Battery can hold as much as 2200mAh of power, has a built in Lightning connection, anti scratch soft slot and can provide instant charging for the iPhone 5.

Two year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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