Goldsource 500 Watt Step Up & Step Down Voltage Converter Transformer UK->US->UK

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This Goldsource ST-500 Step-down Voltage Converter is for use in the UK to power electrical equipment from the USA. What it does is convert UK 220 – 240 volts to US 110 – 120 volts. The output is pure AC and the voltage converter can be used with all appliances rated 0 – 500W. This voltage converter will take US two pin and three pin plugs.
It can be used with everything with a rating of 500 Watts or below (although in practice it is a good idea to allow some margin for error). This would include just about everything from computers, TVs and Hi-fis to some industrial equipment (check rating to be sure). This converter is the correct one to use with an imported Playstation 3 (which draws 380 Watts). This is a medium duty desktop voltage converter and it weighs nearly 4KG. Simply plug the voltage converter into a UK socket and plug the US plug into the voltage converter.

We sell this primarily as a Step Down Voltage Converter as it is fitted with a UK 3 pin plug. However, all Goldsource converters are very versatile and have the ability to also be used as step up converters (to allow the use of UK equipment in the US). If you wish to do this, all you need to do is change the jumper switch at the back of the converter and fit an adapter to the power plug.


  • With fuse protection
  • Ideal for use of US 110 – 120V two or three pin appliances in the UK and elsewhere in Europe
  • Can also be used as a Step Up converter
  • Has two spare fuses
  • Pure AC output
  • Dimensions – 120mm wide x 155mm long x 105mm high

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