Electruepart Miele Red Collar FJM Vacuum Pack of 5 Dust Bags & Filter – BAG306

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This pack of 5 cloth vacuum cleaner bags (and filter set) will fit a range of Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners that use the FJM bags (which have a red collar). In particular:

S241/ S242/ S242i/ S243i/ S244i/ S245i/ S246i/ S247i/ S248i/ S249i/ S250/ S250i/ S2511/ S251/ S251G/ S251i/ S252i/ S253i/ S254i/ S255i/ S256i/ S290/ S290I/ S291/ S300/ S300i/ S301i/ S310i/ S311i/ S312i-2/ S312I2/ S312i/ S313i/ S315i/ S3161-2/ S316i-2/ S316i/ S318i/ S321-2/ S321i/ S322i/ S323i/ S324i/ S326i/ S328i/ S331I/ S334i/ S336i/ S338i/ S342i/ S344i/ S346i/ S347i/ S348/ S348I2/ S348i/ S356i/ S370/ S371/ S372/ S373/ S374/ S378/ S380/ S381/ S382/ S384/ S388/ S4210/ S4211/ S4212 Plus/ S4212/ S4221/ S4222/ S4260/ S4261/ S4262/ S4280/ S4281/ S4282/ S4441/ S4510/ S4511/ S4512/ S4560/ S4561/ S4562/ S4580/ S4581/ S4582/ S4711/ S4712/ S4780/ S4781/ S4782/ S4812/ S500/ S500I/ S501/ S510/ S511-1/ S511/ S512-1/ S512-S381/ S512/ S512I/ S513/ S514-1/ S514/ S515-1/ S516-1/ S516/ S517-1/ S518-1/ S518/ S521/ S524/ S524I/ S526/ S528/ S534/ S536/ S5380/ S538/ S544/ S548/ S548I/ S550/ S556/ S558/ S560/ S566I/ S570/ S571/ S572/ S578/ S6210/ (Cat & Dog) S6220/ S6240/ S6290/ S700/ S710-1/ S710/ S711-1/ S711/ S712-1/ S712/ S714-1/ S714/ S715-1/ S715/ S716-1/ S716/ S717/ S718-1/ S718/ S724/ S726/ S728/ S734/ S736/ S738/ S744/ S745/ S748/ S749/ S758/ S760/ S761/ S762/ S764/ (Cat & Dog) S766/ S768. 

In the pack you get 5 quality cloth bags and filters for the Miele cleaners above.

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