DRIBOX FL-1859-200G IP55 Small Outdoor Weatherproof Electrical Box – Green

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The DriBox F1859-200 is a  simple, portable and hard wearing weatherproof box will protect outdoor electrical appliances and extension leads. Rated as IP55 the advanced water tight seal will stop dust or water getting to the interior of the box. Suitable for extension leads, single socket extension,a  transformer plug, timers and ideal for outdoor and Christmas lighting or water features. Heavy duty robust plastic construction.

The weatherproof electrical box has 1 entry point and one exit point so you can use it  to extend a 1 way electrical extension lead. Both points are protected from water by silicon seals and the DriBox clever patented design. The box is large enough to accept a transformer plug.


  • Weatherproof connection box for protecting mains power outlets when used outdoors
  • Ideal for using extension sockets, cable reels, timers and transformers outdoors.
  • Fountains, mowers, strimmers, hedge cutters, patio heaters, lighting, outdoor Christmas lights, camping etc
  • IP55 Rated (silicone weather sea) with additional locking lugs, silicone moulds around the cable and silicone waterproof gasket
  • Easy to use, lightweight, child safe, simple locking clamp – no screws needed. 1 connection in and 1 connection out
  • Dimensions 200 mm length, 90mm width, 90mm height
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

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