Brofa Number 7 Blade Set for Andis, Oster and Wahl Competition Animal Clippers

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Number 7 Competition Blade made by Brofa, with a 3.8mm length cut. These Blade Sets come in a wide variety of types and are designed for different animal clipping and grooming jobs. They are usually used with dog and horses, but occasionally with other animals such as cattle and goats.

3.8mm cutting length, full toothed blade set. Ideal for short body trims etc.

This blade set will fit the Moser/Wahl Max 45, the Wahl KM1 (now no longer sold), the Moser Avalon and the Moser Artiko clippers. They also fit Laube, Oster, Andis AGC 2 and Thrive animal clippers.

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