British General SBS13 Stainless Steel Light Switch Intermediate

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The British General range of plate switches have been designed to perform at 10AX inductive loads. This one is the SBS13, which is an Intermediate switch. An Intermediate light switch is very versatile and can be used either as a one way or two way switch, or in a situation (such as lights above a flight of stairs), where a single light can be controlled by three switches. For example, you may have a light that covers a flight of stairs controlled by three switches one at the end of a landing area, one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom of the stairs. For this set up to work the one in the middle of the list (at the top of the stairs) needs to be an Intermediate switch.

A fixed integrated plastic gasket protects the metal edges from moisture, and the switch is flat profile (under 5mm thick) with rounded edges. An extremely elegant looking light switch.

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