British General FBS42 Stainless Steel Light Switch 2 Gang, 2 Way Screwless

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The British General range of plate switches have been designed to perform at 10AX inductive loads. This one is the FBS42, which is a 2 gang, two way switch. A two way switch can be used in an installation where a single light is controlled by one switch, or in a situation (such as lights above a flight of stairs), where a single light can be controlled by two switches. A fixed integrated plastic gasket protects the metal edges from moisture, and the switch is flat profile (under 5mm thick) with rounded edges. An extremely elegant looking light switch made even better looking by the fact that it has no visible screws. The flat plate clips into place onto the body beneath that does have screws.


25 year manufacturer’s guarantee.


  • All switches 10 Amp, 10AX inductive rated
  • Captive terminal screws
  • Terminal capacity 4×1.0mm, 4×1.5mm, 2×2.5mm and 1×4.0mm
  • Plate switches manufactured to BS EN 60669-1, fan isolator to IEC 60669-2-4
  • Minimum mounting box depth 16mm

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