Brennenstuhl Remote Control Sockets Wireless Home Mains UK Plug Power Outlet

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Remote control power sockets

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This remote control power sockets set helps to avoid leaving electrical appliances on standby, saving energy. The set is also very popular with elderly or disabled people who may have problems easily reaching electrical sockets

The set includes 3 receiver sockets which can be plugged into any mains socket with the electrical appliance then being plugged into the receiver. the socket is then controlled by the supplied remote controller. This allows the electrical appliance to be switched on/off at the mains quickly and easily by pressing the relevant button on the included remote up to a distance of 25m preventing them from being left on standby, especially useful if the mains switch is particularly difficult to reach (for example behind a TV).

For added safety, all receiver sockets are fully childproof and there are no wires involved to prevent the formation of unnecessary trip hazards.

  • Control appliances connected from your arm-chair and save power
  • Easy to use 4 channel hand transmitter to switch all channels
  • Remote control and receiver socket, can be used in any combination
  • Sockets can be operated manually
  • Self learning coding with automatic storage
  • Switching capacity maximum 3120 W, 50/60 Hz
  • Range up to 25 Meters (Frequency 433.92 MHz).  12 V battery (type A23) for remote control is included
  • Socket with increased touch protection

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