Brennenstuhl Primera 13.5KA Single Surge / Lightning Protector Mains Socket Plug

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This surge and spike protector is usually used with TV, Audio or Computer equipment. It will protect any appliance plugged in through it from damage caused by over-voltage and nearby lightning strike. It will protect against surges up to 13500 Amps.

Usage is very simple, you just plug it into the mains and plug whatever appliance you want to protect into the surge and spike protector.


  • Efficient surge protection made from gas discharge tube and metal oxide varistors with thermal fuse.
  • Protects electrical appliances against surges with a maximum up to 13500 A.
  • Protects phase, neutral and earth.
  • Indicator for the 230V protective function.
  • Childproof socket.
  • Maximum loading of 16 A which is 3680 Watts.
  • In blister packaging.
  • Nominal current: 13 A

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