Brennenstuhl 24 Hour Electrical Socket Timer For Any Appliance

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Save energy and cut costs with this 24 hour Mains Socket Timer from Brennenstuhl, market leaders in electronic technology.

Simply plug an electrical appliance into the device (which plugs into the mains socket) and then the timer can be set in order to automatically switch the appliance on/off up to 96 times per day for as little as 15mins at a time.

This can help cut the standby power consumption of your appliances as they can be automatically switched off at night or during the day when at work etc. and you don´t have to go through the trouble of struggling to reach a difficult to access switch.

You can also connect lamps, radio, TV or anything of your choice to this device whilst you are away to give the impression there are people living in the house. With decades of experience in the market, you can be assured that you will be provided with a superior quality product that will help you to cut your energy consumption and costs whilst remaining easy and safe to use at the same time with a childproof socket. UK plug.

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