BG Smart Power Connected Home Plug-In 13A Adapter – Control Socket Through Wi-Fi

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The BG Smart Power Adapter connects to a single UK/Ireland three pin 13A power socket. The Smart Power Adapter can then be controlled through a free downloadable app. You can time and schedule the power on and off, you can use your Amazon Alexa or Google Home hub to control the socket by voice or there is even an old school style on/off button.

Great for security – making a light come on whenever you want it to when you are not home

Great for the elderly or disabled people with limited mobility.

An invaluable part of your home – just think, never having to worry about whether you left the straighteners on or not!

To download the BG Home app follow the instructions on the product packaging.

  • Control your devices by touch, voice or mobile device.
  • The Luceco Smart Power Adapter is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, so you can control your devices wherever you are.
  • Set timer schedules, time delay and random function.
  • No home hub is required.
  • Works with the free BG Home app. App available on Play and App Store.
  • Control lights, TV and other electrical appliances.
  • Simple installation and setup.

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