Allocacoc 1.5m PowerCube UK Power Adapter with 5-Way Socket & Fixing Kit – Green

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  • Plug in adapter with 1.5m cable that provides 5 UK power sockets
  • Comes with mounting kit allowing the extension lead to be fixed securely on or under a desk
  • Sockets all have childproof shutters
  • Adapter is earthed (grounded) and has a maximum of 2990 Watts
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Bedrooms (especially those in old homes) often only have one or two power sockets. Hardly enough for modern time when many people have TVs, radios, lamps, computers etc in bedrooms – all of which need powering. This PowerCube will also mean that you can charge your phone or Table computer in the bedroom without monopolising what may be the only socket.

Living rooms are often swarming with wires and tangled TV cords. A lack of outlets leads people to daisy chain power strips together, creating an unpleasant looking and potentially hazardous situation. You can avoid this mess with the PowerCube |Original|, which allows power cords to combine into one compact solution.

The world would be a better, more efficient place, if the devices we use had compact plugs. Unfortunately, most of our technological accessories come with bulky adaptors that cover adjacent sockets, wasting an entire outlet, but the uniquely designed PowerCube avoids outlet blockage, keeping things easy and efficient.

Comes with mounting lit allowing the extension lead to be fixed securely on or under a desk.

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