100 White Paper DVD CD Envelope Cover Sleeve Case Wallet, Windows & Flap Hama

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Very high quality CD/DVD paper sleeves from Hama.

When buying CDs or DVDs in bulk, for example, to burn photos, films, music and other files onto from a computer, you will often find that they come in a tub or a sealed pack of a 100 or so without individual cases.

This means that once you have burned a disc you then have to decide where to put it or how to transport it. Leaving it lying around the house or office or loose in your bag isnt very secure or practical and can lead to discs easily getting lost as endless piles form and it is impossible to distinguish one from the other. The CDs or DVDs are also at a high risk of damage from dirt, dust and scratches if left unprotected for too long.

An ideal solution are these paper sleeves from Hama, they protect your discs and you can write on the sleeves too.

  • Paper envelopes for the storage and for the transport of one single CD-ROM
  • With clear window for easy viewing
  • With a practical flap on the back for easily closing and opening the sleeve

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